Homeschooling for the Survivalist

Homeschooling for the Survivalist

Homeschooling quickly becomes an accepted activity for survivalist these days. It embodies an excellent alternative to the public school system and provides a learning environment for impressive children. It is also a wonderful way to promote bonding between the child and the parent. One of the biggest benefits of homeschooling lies in the parents ability to structure the students classes to match their abilities. If you happen to be a parent who would find homeschooling beneficial for your children read on.

The very first rules of procedure must be to review the homeschool law in your specific state. Some states are stricter in their education requirements than others. As an example, Delaware allows the parents more latitude in the choice of student individual studies than most other states. Fill in your homework before you even start planning on homeschooling and find out what your states mean for this kind of education. An important point worth mentioning here is that although Delaware does not require any form of record management other than attendance, I personally find out all my grandchildrens activities if there are any questions at a later date.

Always determine if this is exactly what your children want. You can get the ultimate say in decisions like these but if the kids want to go to a public school your task will be to educate them without a doubt getting harder. Give your child his reasoning behind your chosen decision. Is it safety-related, if so explain to them. Perhaps the district in which you live has experienced low annual test results that you consider to be unacceptable. Let them know in advance what you expect from them as well as the various advantages and disadvantages associated with homeschool. Listen carefully to your childs page about the problem. A homeschool environment works best if both the parent and the child want it to work.

Contact your local libraries to see what activities they may have planned for homeschoolers. We are lucky here in my area because there are several libraries that center a series of activities against homeschooled communities. The librarian at Laurel Delaware Library goes far beyond her work needs when planning the organizational programs. She takes the utmost effort to include activities related to homeschool students and actively promotes community activity. Another local library now provides some exceptional art instructions for homeschooled children. My grandson goes to Georgetown Library every week.

Being a survivor, I teach my grandchildren not only academic knowledge but real life skills. He learns what we call survival education. These include respect for different weapons, actual hunting and catching and other skills that can potentially save their lives in an emergency.

One of the more basic needs of the homeschooled family is an active internet connection. The World Wide Web offers many learning activities for my grandchild. Not only does he participate in a structured training program via the web, but there are lots of complementary materials that are easily accessible at their fingertips on websites like youtube. Most of these instructional videos will expand on what he learns in his current classroom studies. I often seek several homeschool groups online for various external activities that can give him an advantage as he studies his lessons.

Most people who are against homeschooling children complain that the process leaves a social interaction plot among their peers. This is simply not so. My grandchild participates in weekly karate courses where he has the opportunity to interact with fellow students. In addition, we participate in various homeschool-oriented activities that give him the chance to meet new friends on a regular basis. By participating in these activities, he can meet new homeschool students while I meet and share ideas with the different parents.

Homeschooling is not easy and sometimes it can be very frustrating but in the end its worth the effort. You will be able to see your child develop into an independent teacher after a short period of time.

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